What do I think right now?

Mood: tired
Listening to: Ikimonogakari-hotaru no hikari, blue bird
Reading: naruto manga
Watching: none
Playing: anything. =_=
Eating: nope. Because still fasting month
Drinking: nope, still fasting month

Finally, my mood is better. I got mood to wrote the journal with English language ^^; sorry for my bad english..because I’m still learning


My mouse is broken… NOOO T_T

I can’t colored pictures again, before I get a new mouse..


I hate listening.. listening in my english course. The sound is not good enough.. not only that.. listening time make me feel sleepy.. oh listening, you so successfully make me sleepy.. damn you! Aaargh!

Not only that, so many mosquitos in my class. Damn! So annoying DX.


I want to read newest chapter of Ouran. Only that.


Need more time to sleep. Tired.


Kohai-tachi make me feel crazy.

They divided into 2 group.. nooo~ I’ll got angry from senpai-tachi.. c’mon.. please remind this: it’s Japanese club. You can talk freely about other but don’t forget.. you must remind that our extracurrcular is Japanese culture~

You must understand, eventhough your senpai always talk about others, they still apreciate japanese..

*I’m on neutral position.. =.=’*


I always confused and have feeling like this: am I idiot? Am I an annoying person? If I’m like that, I’m sorry 😦


Why you always make me confused? 😦


I can’t be a person that make others feel comfort with me.


Why others/someone who not or only saw me from afar always thinking that I am is college student? HELLO! I’m still 11th grade on senior high school!! =A= only a little person know if I’m still 11th grade on Senior high school.. is it because my face?


NS!! Nooo~


Finally i can reach my obsession: sweet popcorn XDD



Break fasting month (i mean buka bersama.. lupa bahasa inggrisnya) with my friends, senpai-tachi and kohai-tachi on Nihon-bu.. freaky, but not-so-freak-if-i-compare-it-with-last-year-when-I-was-on-10th-grade-on-senior-high-school..


Miss my friend on JHS, especially my classmates on 9-A.. 😦


Maybe.. only this.. 😀


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