Short Update

First post on april 2010.
I’m on stuck condition. So many things that i want to tell. This is a short update from me.

First, i’m broken heart. Okay. I’ll forget anythings about you, eventhough not at all. Because I still need talk to you… For something.

Second, i feel super bored and stuck, as i tell to you at first paragraph.. I just want to get my happiness again.

Third, this is a good news. I passed the promotion test for high intermediate 2 level at lia with err… Good score. 4.2 from 5. Isn’t it great?

Forth, april 13th is near, and i still not ready became older and near with “ground” hope i can pass the day without problem.

This is from me. I’ll update my journal live on the next time.
Best regards,
zahra 🙂

*maafkan saya atas keeroran dalam bahasa inggris. Masih belajar


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