two weeks update

first, i’m sorry if i do misstypo or wrong pronoun =_____=

ok, let’s start from April 12th

April 12th.
H-1 to my 17th b’day. no one realize that on the next day is my b’day.

April 13th.
HAPPY B’DAY TO MY SELF. 17 years old
yep, no one on my class realize that until my friend, Fara Sakina Rahma and Febby Permatasari Kusumah (Mpeb), said happy b’day word to me. not only that, I bought my b’day cake to school, but I’m so sorry to people-on-my-class, because not all of you got the cake.. really sorry.
the best present is come from Fanny Gita (Fanny), Mpeb and Az Zahra Al Azizah (Sasa).
Mpeb gave me a very cute keychain, Sasa gave me a-super-duper-marvelous-slap to me. ohh, that’s so great sa. i really appreciate it sa, VERY APPRECIATE it! haha *just kidding 😉
Fanny gave me this:
I really appreciate this, Fanny. THANK YOU honey XD
but the greatest present on this day: my math class is over earlier than usual. all of my class student yelling with happines, included me 😉
and thaks to all of people who gimme HBD words on Twitter, FB and DA. I really appreciate that (and I can’t tell who are they)
If you ask me what’s the presents from my parents, this is the answer: a-super-big-jacket.
but i like it 😉
that’s about my day on April 13th.. (omg, I hate being old :p)

April 14th
I went to Alun-Alun with Mpeb and his boyfriend. (sorry ilham, I just kidnapped her for a while)
she bought a shoes. the price is very cheap, just 30k rupiah. haha, i just accompanied her to bought it. haha lol.
after that, we went to kings shopping center. we went to kings playzone (uhoh, i don’t know what’s the right name of that place). we JUST play bumper car. lol. just three of us, and Ilham was the “victim” on this game 😛
after play, I decided to go back to home. oh damn, I never realized that the day was the most embarassing moment would come to myself. I was wrong bus. zzzz. fortunately, i realize ASAP about the accident. haha.
btw, this day was Alisthia Devianthi’s b’day. happy b’day sis! 😉

April 15th
hem, math test, and I did a stupid method and wrong strategy on solved the questions. zzzz
math remedial, i’m coming =__________=

April 16th
friday.. I went back to the home on very, very late and unusual time ==a
haha. with sasa, Icha, Adilah and Linda, we went to around Taman Ganesha and ITB and to bought the foods hhaa…
fortunately, my parents didn’t angry because of this 😉

April 17th
saturday, a super stuck day on my extracurricular and LIA.
I’m the only one from the 11th grade which came to extracurricular daily activity zzzz….
and, o-ow…. I got some “tax” to treat my classmate at LIA, and we watched “spirited away” on this week.. but we didn’t finished it when watch the film, because of the time zzzz

April 18th
maybe it’s the best day on the week.
1. i got so many delicious foods. hha XD *slap
2. went to swim with my sistaaaaa. we swam at Siliwangi waterpark, it’s near Stadion Siliwangi Bandung. the place is nice, but not with the price. 50k rupiah per person. hiks, maybe that’s the first and the last time i went to the place. the price is comparable laaah~ with the facilities. haha.
the place is very cozy and I really enjoyed to spend my time at there. hope someday I able to come to that place again. (photos will uploaded later)

April 19th
religion test, so stupid me during the test and so many note on Indonesian language. about idiom. zzzz

April 20th.
MO MATH CLASS! SO MIRACLE *geleh* I really enjoy my life on this day.

April 21st
Hari Kartini.
hem.. no offense, but it’s so rare that my bag isn’t so heavy. because my biology’s note is on my teacher. I bought 2 comics and I just need 10k to pay it at TOGAMAS! lol
(actually I hope that I can watch all of my senpai showing their drama, but I don’t have any time to watch it zzzz)

April 22nd
what the hell with the Angkot driver, I am descended from ANGKOT AT PGII SHS!
if I decided to using angkot to my school, i think it waste of my money :p, so I decided to walk.
(lumayan olahraga pagi dan ngehemat uang :p)
hem.. so really enjoyful day.


the sentences that I want to shout out:

2 thoughts on “two weeks update

  1. hahaha a nice post!
    but unfortunately, you didnt give me a bday cake but i've said HBD to you .. hiks
    hahahaa just kidding ! 🙂
    hope your day will be better and funnier !

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