Saturday and Sunday Weekly Journal :)

*sorry for the error grammatical and typo
Let’s begin with saturday.
Oh my, I hate this day, because I must do Promotion Test at LIA. Actually, I don’t think I’ll get 4 on there. Yah, but I hope I can get more than 4 for the result. Because my parents always force me to get more than 4. Ha~h.
I don’t really like with the proctor on my class, even Yosha called him “Mr. Lawas” =n=. As always, I being the victim for the oral test zzz. . .(sumpah ga penting). When I did the essay, I can’t stand it up anymore. Just do the free essay. *oh shot*

with fara, nurul and bhekti, I went to Dago. Every sunday morning, “car free day” is hold in there. I saw many kind of bicycle, roller blade, skate board. I got many free foods in there *bohong, sebenernya cuma gorengan doang :p* I may enjoy the situation on there, but to get Dago by bicycle from my home I need to cycling with more power. Although the activity make me tired, I’m happy because I can do it. Hope on the next week I can do the cycling to Dago XD

(sumpah geje. Duh. Males besok. Zzz)


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