photos errr

all of my photostudio!

part one: elementary school

1 . my elementary friends, full personel 😛 with a bit touched of editing
2. the original ver. of the number 1 photo
3. all of my classmate!

part two: Junior High School

4. the first time i took the photostudio when i was JHS. kinda miss them. they’re my KARISMA friends:)
5. when I was on 7th Grade.
6-7. when I was on 8th grade. on the back of number 6th photo, almost all of my classmates give a their signature (actually it was my request to them)
9. photo of my friends at Ganesha Operation. I skip the class when I took this photo :p
part3-1. Senior High School-1
10-11. photo when I was 10th grader.
12. my extracurricular, Nihon-bu (when I was on 10th grader :p)
13. classmates on 11th grader 🙂
14-15. another of my extracurricular, IKARIS, taken when i was on 11th grader.
part 3-2: Senior High School-2 (this photos are take when I was on 12th grader!)
 16.with mah best friend
17. my classmates on 12th grader
18. my extra-course mates! lots of them, and ewww… i hate this photo because i’m the only girl in my line =____=”
19. photo of my generation of Nihonbu 🙂
20. my classmates after graduation.
21. IKARIS, my generation after graduation.
well, i’ll miss all of them!
goodbye school time! welcome to college! XD

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