presents from yesterday!

March 4th is marked as one of the best day for me , because I got a lot of presents!!! soo, to remark it (and help myself to remember it), I’ll write what I’ve got. Here are some presents that I’ve got from!!
a moo-plushie and minion plushie!

Plushies from my students! oh my god I never expected to get this from my students! one of my friends even said “it’s kinda weird to see you hold some plushies!”

I really appreciated this. the actually not only gave me this but also a class t-shirt. they didn’t allow me to paid that. I don’t think I’m fair enough to all of my students yet they still give me some presents and surprise for me. seriously, THANK YOU GUYS!!! GOOD LUCK FOR YOU GUYS IN JAPAN!

next! well this one isn’t presents. I asked my friend to buy this while she’s still in Japan! but I didn’t know that she’ll give me some cat-patterned-notebook! HOW HAPPY I AM!

cats, cats, and cats!!! HAPPY!!!

but what does make me felt so surprised is……..




the best one is….

HORI AND KASHIMA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I really screamed when she gave me this. She even said “your reaction should be recorded” but fortunately it didn’t www

I knew she went to Nozaki Cafe but I didn’t know that she’ll gave me this!! (well I paid for this because this is HORI AND KASHIMA!)

this is another mood booster and makes me happy for the rest of the day!
and why she’s so kind to me??????? because I did nothing but some mistakes.
as a reward for my happiness, I bought some pizza (that I bought because there are a promo buy one get two LOL) for my sisters and grandma in the house!
Sooooo, doing some kindness to other really makes me happy!! wish I still able to spread some happiness for others for the rest of my life.

4 thoughts on “presents from yesterday!

    1. boleh lah =)

      judulnya Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki-kun! ceritanya seru! rekomendasi kalo mau nonton anime yang lawak kalo lagi mumet. FYI: di indonesia ada komiknya kok, judulnya Komikus Shoujo Nozaki.

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