why I still playing Liar: Uncover the Truth Series/ダウト~嘘つきオトコは誰~~男女はオフィスの嘘だらけ~

As someone who getting bored easily toward something, it’s kind of miracle that I still playing this game for more than six month (note: I start playing this game since early October 2016). some people may ask “why do you still playing this game?”

here are some reason why I really like this game.

1. the MC herself. In 嘘つきオトコseries, she’s a strong willed woman, will do something that is right in her opinion, her high justice, kinda stubborn yet cute  sometimes and….. IDK why some of her personality is much resembling myself in the real world (I don’t afraid of cockroach anyway tho). In the office or in front of people, she may looks so annoying because of her stubborness but doing her job well, yet in the house, she’s 180· different. She’s lazy to do households, can’t cooking, wear something mismatch and dull (wearing training, simple T-shirt and ), and something that you cannot imagine as a stunning girl in outside, and her bad luck for boys. yes, a lot of persona from MC. As for me:  I can cook, (as long I see the recipe anyway lol and so far my cooking isn’t that bad), sometimes (or mostly?) stubborn, wearing something dull and has a messy room (lol), have a very high pride, and 正義感 (no, no this is a lie lol)! I don’t know why but her personality is so very me!   While the Office one, she’s cat lovers!!! her personality is a bit different from me yet I still can sensing some of her personality resembling much like me. My recent goal is like Office’s MC (looking for someone that I can trust for something, not for my love story lol) that’s why sometimes I know how Office’s MC feel when she’s got betrayed with her coworkers he he. 

James!!!!! Office MC’S cat.

2. the main story is so simple!!!! Compared with another otome game that I’ve played, this one is soooooo simple, you just need to collecf some Motedo/flirting point for mission, looking for evidence and judge! voila. so simple! to collect some points for main story isn’t that hard, but it gonna be different when you chasing for game event. the ranking system, event point, liar files/zukan is very difficult to reach the best one yet easy to do.  (yet you can spend your money of you want to get a perfect result). Well, I may have a 負けず嫌いtrait but for this one, I know I’m not that rich to spent all of my money only to get a perfect result just for a Smartphone game. After all, I play this game because it’s so refreshing and their main route (especially office routes) are so real-life story! yes, I like office route more compared to liar man one. 

for example, event point! I don’ really mind with my rank tho.

3. this cutie pie Yuikawa Itaru! Somehow he’s kinda remind me of Kazehaya (Kimi ni Todoke) because of his-always-smiling and kind of ‘refreshing smile’ type boy. I know this type of man is not so me but I found he’s so cute in his own way (although it’s kinda creepy that he’s lying as well as MC did and when knowing his truth lol but still he’s so cute and is the real 嘘つきオトコMC’s fate). His sometimes-childish-gesture and doesn’t want lose to Shiga is amusing me! 

this refresing smile (●´ϖ`●)

his nervous face lol
his apologize pose sooooo cute!! (I know while in the real world this kind of pose is annoying )

“aa, from Yuikawa-kun. then again what’s “Yuikawa Itaru (boyfriend)” thing” (From one of Doubt event)

I’ll continue the explanation later! see ya!


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