my pets!

it’s been a while I didn’t talking about my cats! 

so, here they are!!!!!

the most beautiful yet so fierce one! Tobby!

she is the only catwoman in the house. afraid with new people, attention whore but fierce and hard to touch as if she’s the most precious thing (she made herself like that anyway lol). small yet strong. likes to hunt birds, butterflies, any kind of insects, yes, included the-most-annoying-and-disgusting-animal-in-the world, cockroaches, and rats, but never eat them. just hunting it. currently 1 y.o. 

the oldest yet always called my baby by sisters, Bulhir!

His partner, Totol is already on the other people because of this and that lah. His weight is almost 5kg! currently the oldest cat, 2 y.o. he’s always hungry and asking for foods to everyone. we can pinch his cheeks, and carrying him like a baby. he never scratchbpeople tjat touch him. recently, he likes to fight with another stray cats neae home (he has a lot of wounds across body lol) but still, he’s our lovely baby 😍

beautiful, huh? this one is male!

the newcomer!! my dad given him Xigray as ‘official name’ but we called him Grey.  around May 2017, my sister got a himalayan-persian mix from her friend. whe he came first, his age around 9 months. he was such a spoiled brat but since he knew Tobby, slowly he got his masculinity lol. he’s mum’s fav because his spoiled behaviour.

so, which one is your favourite?


4 thoughts on “my pets!

  1. hwaaa.. kucingnya banyak ❀
    dirumahku pun ada 4 kucing.. puss kana, puss mongji, puss pengki, puss momos.. satu lagi masih kecil, kucing liar yang suka mampir ke rumah πŸ™‚

    1. ga sebanyak ajeng kok kucingnya =”) tapi pasti lucu ya ada anak kucing liat mampir ke rumah XDDD

  2. Wuah si grey cakep bener.. hohoho secara turunan himalaya – persian
    Btw si Grey sama si Totol nyambung gak ya bahasax secara kan mereka beda kebangsaan,,hahahhaha
    Melihara kucing bisa jadi obat stress juga.. kalo ngelus-ngelus bulunya.. unyek unyek mukanya hahaha kucing q sering q gitu in. Akibatx tanganq sering kena cakar wkwkkw

    1. halo Arha!
      si Grey ga pernah ketemu sama Totol sih soalnya Grey dateng pas Totol udah dikasih ke orang ha ha ha

      iyaps, mereka emang obat setres (kecuali kalo pada minta makan, berisik πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚)
      sama bangettt!!! tangan saya juga banyak cakaran kucing gegara sering ngelus sampai agak nyiksa mereka saking gemesnya. 😢

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