Current Situation: バラバラ

Finally go a chance to write in here  (phew)

(actually wanna joined last week theme from #1m1c but I even can’t do my usual routine like when I was a NEET person lol)

well, I’m in an adaptation period again after several months doing nothing except play with my pets in da haus (?)

did you feel that recently, eventhough this is already September, the weather is still hot, even being hotter than it should be? these kind of weather, for several years ago these kind of climate happened in July/August….. 😓 

is it because of global warming?

(the answer is YES)





so, wish me luck in my new daily life: postgraduate student!



  1. recently i’m into Morning Musume! my first japanese idol, err, they even the first japanese artist that I knew a long time before I know ikimonogakari and stuck into Kalafina and Sound Horizon! this year is their 20th year in showbiz lol
  2. for after a long time, finally I found a women only swimming pool near my house. I always go there by bicycle!
  3. bandung jatinangor meccha tooi 😦 itsu bandung jatinangor machinai densha aru kanaaaaa 😦 (joudan janai)
  4. twitter fukkatsu! mostly posting about my life there !
  5. FINALLY I Playing Fake: geinoukai wa zen’in usotsuki! I’ll write my impression toward this game later
  6. I don’t know why my interest toward 2D ikemen is back, I mean, the boys from Doubt! game is sooo cutey on their own. I can’t stop to pla it everyday!
  7. because of a super hectic schedule of my college life, maybe I won’t post anything routine!
  8. Kinda jealous with undergraduate freshmen HAHAHAHA XD


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