idol and academic

and yeah I’m still alive btw guys.

magister student is really hanpa nai.πŸ˜‚

sometimes i really salute into Wada Ayaka, Angerme/ s/mileage and hello! project leader. she can do her magister study while doing her job as an Idol. even Ogata Haruna cannot do it btw (but as expected from morning musume and their tight schedule).

well, maybe someone who u must feel like “this girl is super” is Momochi a.k.a Tsugunaga Momoko, former member berryz koubou/country girls. despite of her annoying character on tv, compared to Wada Ayaka, her busy level is far above her and still able to do it. (that’s why i respect her because of her priority into education.)

this one maybe became one of my rant toward some fan who felt that Ogata’s choice is wrong.

to remember that Ogata is someone who very concern into her academic record, (eventho only short term college) i know Japan showbiz isn’t really concern about their education background but imo, someone who has bachelor or diploma degree and became an artist is so…. tempting (?) lol how to say it but yeah, someone who have a good education background and good job will have an advantage point, rite?

please don’t compare this into Indonesian artist or idol, okay.

nah, this is just my opinion anyway. feel free to comment!

ps. for those who ask me like “since when you concerned into Japanese idol?” my answer is…….. 2 years ago, although I knew Morning Musume since junior high school lol. (I’m not into Hello! Project, actually but I know about it laaa)


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