Doubt: Undercover World’s Dark Secret

Hi readers, it’s English time!

before we into the main post, let’s check my English time corner…. and the latest content that I wrote is about the game. yet this time I want to introduce another Main Story from Doubt (ダウト) series.

If you are new into the game or have no idea about this game, I’d like to recommend you to check this wikia (I cannot give my two first review of this game because I wrote them in Bahasa Indonesia, but if you want to check it, just click the #ダウト hashtag from category column).

Let’s begin!


Doubt latest series is titled as shown below.

Doubt: Anata wa Daakuna Uso ga suki? (Doubt: Undercover World’s Dark Secret)

Doubt: Undercover World’s Dark Secret (urashakai-hen is the term I use to call this game later) is the latest series for the main story that produced for Doubt series. this game released in October 2018 in Japan but introduced from July/August 2018.

Here’s promotional/Opening Video for the latest series:

I’d say my impression for the PV is great. the protagonist is cool-beauty type! saya suka saya suka (Insert Meimei’s accent  from upin ipin lol)

the PV shows the characters’ silhouette, 7 men and 3 women. and as usual, the PV shows 2 boys that may become the protagonist’s partner later. is it just gimmick? I’d say…… yes

I barely check the Doubt website but when i opened them, it became like this!

my first impression from this was “that the protagonist’s partner from the previous series are showed here.” is it possible that the partner from the latest story is here, too? (SPOILER: YES!!!)

the protagonist is kind of my type! as i said before, she has a cool-beauty aura and isn’t kind of damsel in distress! the strong one (this is because her childhood influences as she raised under the yakuza’s world)!

hid her identity as a noble yakuza’s daughter, 25 years old, work as a nurse, not a feminine one and life as her wants, hard worker and tend to sleep

works as a caretaker, 25 years old, isn’t the feminine one and my pace, hard worker and like to sleep.Urashakai’s main protagonist is the one and daughter from a noble Yakuza who want to reach the normies kind of happiness, stable works, normal partner, and anything that not related from the undercover world. Well, she already got them for the introduction…. until his boyfriend’s secret being busted. He knew that she’s the daughter of noble Yakuza and made a loan from her family! (kinda normal/prototype for doubt series, but he isn’t as a jerk as Futaba from celeb series). I don’t really like the intro of the game tho because Shizuo from the first series gave me too much impression (as a jerk, of course).

Urashakai’s gameplay is the same with the previous series, you must discover who’s lying and/or want to deceive you. you must get the culprit by evidence and some notes inside the stories, collect the point, and accuse them!

Unmei kara nogarerarenai!? (You can’t escape from your fate) Warui uso ni watashi wa makenai! (I won’t lose from bad lies!)
Shin shiriizu wa mottomo KIKENna uso abaki “the latest series’s liars are outburst dangerous lies” fukakaina shi? “incomprehensible death?” nichijou ni hisomu “concealed from daily life” seikei monstaa? “plastic surgery addict?” mayaku no burookaa? “drugs’ distributor?” nisesatsu seizou? “producer of counterfeit paper money?” akunin no kage? “shadow of bad people?” heibouma seikatsu o obiyakasu, kyuunin no akunin “threated by common people’s life style.. discover it from 9 bad liars!”


I may don’t really like the intro but I must say, the story is great, although it is not as great as Office series or giving a strong impression as usotsuki otoko series. Protagonist’s trait will make some impact into the story, IMO, and i don’t like the usual protagonist from otome game series (because they make us, woman, looks fragile in front of man) and that’s why i like her! She may kind of “my pace” but not airheaded and she care with people around her (not as aloof as usotsuki otoko’s protagonist or workaholic like the office one).

the protagonists!!!!!

Here are the characters

Eitaro Agawa, 35 Y.O, politician
Reiko Himeno, 30 Y.O, works at Marunouchi area
Kousaku Ichimura, 45 Y.O, A genius surgeon
Yuki Kamukura, 26, mysterious cameraman
Kazuma Kazemiya,28 y.o, Stock Trader
Karen Nakani, 28 y.o, club’s mama
Ao Ookura, 40 y,o, right-hand man’s protagonist’s dad in yakuza world
Ami Sugiyama, 26 y.o, leader’s right-hand man in IT corp.
Youichi Tokiwa, 24 y.o, a medical intern
Wataya Shunsuke, 27 y.o, a fellow nurse


here is some expression that I like from this series!



here are some trivia from urashakai series

  1. The protagonist and Haruichi Mamiya knew each other (YOU KNOW WHY LA)
  2. Sotaro Shiga has appeared in one of a liar stage and he has an interest in protagonist’s mom’s disease (and respect Ichimura for his surgeon skill.)
  3. Keima Katagiri is Kazemiya’s senior at work
  4. ………neither office nor celeb’s character appeared in this series (both of those series are just… not related into the story).
  6. Cathy is the most exist sub charact—-err——wait he only didn’t appear in office series!
  7. Ami’s prefer to called ‘Emy’ because she’s back from US and her workplace is GOLGLE, which is a parody of… you know la
  8. Hime is Cathy’s Best Friend (because of her interest)
  9. Ookura is the late superhero lol
  10. is it just me but every 5th liar in every series is creepy af! I HATE THEM!
  11. 7TH liar (except the usotsuki otoko series) are women!

aaaand, here is the spoiler for the urashakai!

  • super messy one and cannot keep their room clean because of her overload work
  • likes the baby stuff because he never met her mother, kinda “what!?” but at least he isn’t mother complex. has a younger bro
  • plastic surgery mania, (s)he looks younger than his/her actual age
  • money counterfeit
  • hypersexual and he thought he can do anything because of his position.
  • double personality, protagonist’s coworker
  • PSYCHO! will make someone he loves dead in his hand! wth it’s scary AF!

I NEVER THOUGHT IT WOULD BE HIM, at first i already make some prediction if the partner can become Protagonist’s right hand but i never thought that he likes her from a long time ago lol

anywayyyyyy I may don’t really into the Celeb’s protagonist but i like her catchphrase!

so far this is:

  1. my fav series + MC (from the best to the least): Office>Urashakai=Usotsuki otoko>celeb series
  2. fav characters (esp for MC partner): Usotsuki otoko(6, 9-right man), Office (6th, 8th and protagonist’s partner),  celeb (9th liar, srsly he’s my type actually lol and from my pov, HE MAY SUPPOSE TO BE MC RIGHT MAN) and ….. well……. surprisingly i still don’t have any fav character from urashakai)
  3. nth liar that I hate the culprit so MUCH!!!!: ALL OF 5TH LIAR in every series (celeb=urashakai>usotsuki otoko>office)
  4. it’s creepy af: 9th liar on urashakai, almost all of the liar on celeb series (esp. 5th, 6th, and 7th), the 1st-5th liar from usotsuki series, and 2nd, 3rd, and 7th liar on office series.
  5. Fav female character: Fukumura (her calm aura).



that’s all for now


see yoou!


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