Everybody has Their Own Mind and Way of Thinking, and so do I

2018 is like another hyper extreme roller coaster year for me. I mean, i have internal conflict that makes me overthinking and suffering lots of anxiety, even when I writing this, my minds never stop working. Yeah to wrap this year in a short sentence: overthinking and worrisome.

2018 is also became the peak of my quarter life crisis. This year I became 25 y.o yet still confused with my own orientation of life and what I would be in near future. Should I pursue my career first or education first? All of this year I felt too much obnoxious and like shit happens to me, like unstable mind, hate speech, insecurity, too much torture and it getting worse by too much hoax news, too much ppl say shit things without crosschecking it, and about religion and way ppl seeing it.

religion, a word that makes people think to avoid it or keep it as part of their own life. I cannot imagine why people became an atheist or like “they still believe God is exist but why should I do the rituals?.” Furthermore, this recent years I always have a thought there are some party that want to destroy the Bhineka Tunggal Ika concept in Indonesia. Well this is my opinion tho. I’m tired with pointless theme debate that always appear for every year such as “Is it okay for muslims to say Merry Christmas” or something like “Islam makes us cannot expressing our own feeling” or “LGBT IS (NOT) A DISEASE”. I even mute some politics term from my twitter timeline such as cebong, wowo, wiwi and hashtags related and refers to political issue.

Have you ever think Why all of this related into religion and as if that party wants to destroy islam? I cannot paraphrase word in my mind but let me try okay. Okay, I may not remember what I read well. I know there are a lot of ppl that afraid Islam getting more spread across the world and being dominate the for once again. I may not a good muslimah but I want to be a good people in Allah’s perspective and still learn into it.

I will give my own opinion regarding this:

“Is it okay for muslims to say Merry Christmas” In my honest opinion, I say: No, but let the christian doing their belief peacefully. This is also valid for another religion. If you want to blame someone, please blame it into the people behaviour, not the Religion. Srsly im tired with this topic that always blew up for every year.

“Islam makes us cannot expressing our own feeling”, in what aspect? Islam respect the women the most. Please, reread the Al Quran.If you think hijab or islamic way of fashion (ugh i hate this term) is so plain or not cool. Niqab is not islam way of fashion for the fullest but I can say it is one of the right way to cover your aurat, almost all of part your body except your palm of hand and your face , for the woman. A good clothes for cover your aurat the clothes that not showing your body shape. Most of middle east country covering their face because of they land are mostly in desert that full of sand. But this part has a lot of opinion but well, i prefer to “it’s an ok to showing your face”.

“LGBT IS (NOT) A DISEASE”. WELL SAID HAHAHAHAHHAHAH. I personally dislike someone that became or support LGBTQ, BUT they have their own right to life as a human. But as a muslim, really, have you never learn from the history?????? Like, something happened in Pompeii or get the further, a story of Prophet Lut A.S. don’t you afraid the same thing will be happen again in the future?????? Well, I once read that in these time something like this will be happen and getting worse. But pls, if it’s not a disease, Why WHO once stated LGBTQ IS A DISEASE?

Why i put this as the last post in 2018? Those kind of topics is became more sensitive issue and always getting blow up in any media and I just tired. I know I may pour fuel on the fire because of this but I cannot expressing my opinion well in another social media huhu.

In the end Aaah actually I still have a lot of thought that I want to say here but Im on my limit. Will continue talking about this later. Feel free to give an opinion but not fruitless debate. I avoid it 😦


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