class with full of sensation…. more than 10 years later?

Hi! it’s been ages to using English at my blogpost!

I don’t know what would I read for this and the feature image doesn’t have any relation with this post. I just want to use it anyway.

To think that I used to write anything at my blog since senior high school and when reread the posts…

for example High Intermediate 1… class with full of sensation XD


I realized there’s a habit that never changed since a long time ago lol. I used to write as my stress reliever. seems weird and as if I give everyone my personal information but that’s what i feel back then. Now? reading comics almost every day (even my friend warned me abt this! “do what should you do. it’s for your own sake: reading webtoons for every day WITHOUT ANY PRESSURE!” LOL SHE KNEW MY BAD HABIT)

(and I’m jelly with my past because eventho I wrote useless things back then, I always write! thanks to microsoft word-built-in-blogging-form that I can’t use its feature now….)

I never really have any intention to delete my old posts but now I reconsider it because… I know some of my posts back then can become a backfire for myself. so… bye my old posts. I never forget the contents I’ve write back then…

when I reread my old posts, I found something interesting about my English teacher at LIA.

he has many interesting stories.
but, because of him too, I got a new nickname–again–
he told me that my name is like a —err… i forgot, it between Indian song or Dangdut ==’—

I know he is a lecturer from Unpad. I also met him several times at campus without any intention lol (btw I just knew he finished his dissertation in 2016-2017 from my junior btw). you know what? His habit EVERY TIME WE MET IS… CALLING ME AS ZAHARA WITH DANGDUT NOTES, ANYWHEREEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!! LMAO. sometimes with a loud voice, wherever we are (master program’s building, canteen, EVEN DEAN/ADMINISTRATION OFFICE). 10 years ago I afraid with him but now… welp, compared with his students at English Department, I talked to him casually -I’d say nori de hanasemasu-. Some of my friends kinda disbelieve and -looks a bit surprised- when I can talk with him casually bcs…. his appearance is really something. (He’s from English department, while I’m from Japanese department. so how can we talk easily while he never teach my department?)

To be honest, he said something boosts my spirit (very bit) to finishing my thesis I was struggling with back then. He said my lecturers are kind people compared to his dept. I must admit it… he said it when I had a thought to give up with it (SRSLY I HAD that KIND OF THOUGHT ‘KAY! 😦 ). I also kinda understand why he said it… welp… I’ve seen the fact that English department’s teachers are more strict compared with Japanese department.

He is also someone I respect (for his wai-wai and easygoing traits lol).

I’m curious if we meet again for the next 10 years would he call me with those Zahara things?

See you!


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