Bye Bye Genji and See You Later in Heaven

So today I got a bad news about Genji earlier jn the morning.

“Genji is dead”

As simple as that, even words can’t describe how I feel about this.

Even though I got the feeling he would gone in this few weeks, I didn’t thought that It would be that fast. Maybe “loss” is the right term for describe this feeling.

If you think I don’t cry, nah. I’m crying in the silence, tried no one noticed about it. My mom who don’t really like cats even said she is sad and crying because of Genji’s death.

Dear Genji. We may not your best family bu you must know we always love you. No matter how sneaky or rascal you are, you are still one of the cutest cat we ever had. Now you can play freely without being scolded anymore. See ya in jannah. Kaka loves you.


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