Talking About Role Model…

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Drinking: water!!! Water!!! Water pls!!! Don’t forget to drink water pls!!!

If you being asked by someone: “who is your rolemodel?” I’d reply with “depend on. What kind of role model?” The reason is, if I said Prophet Muhammad PBUH, it would be something that me, as a muslim, must do. Yes he is the best role for us. But, it’s okay for us to have more than one role model, as long as it can give us positive vibes, right? So, I’m going to tell you who’s my role model. I won’t reveal their name and its institution.

If it related to Japanese language knowledge, my answer is obviously my academic supervisor on magister school. Hey, who doesn’t know him, especially if you learn or work in Japanese academic related? If you are undergraduate student you may doesn’t know him but if you are a magister student… at least you would have heard his name. Haha. Why I made him as one of my role model? He is one of senior lecturer yet he still let us exploring newer knowledge and he will also learn about it!!!! (especially if you are under his supervision).

If it related to teaching way, one my role model is my senior/young lecturer in campus. She’s currently on her doctoral degree in one of Japan’s National University. She’s still young and gifted with multitalent, has a charismatic aura yet so friendly to me (I think one of the reason she’s very kind to me and my uni pals is, we are her first students in uni). Nevertheless, she’s became one of my role model for the way I teach in my current place.

I still have another notable role model for teaching. It is my English teacher on my freshmen year in senior high school. she’s notable as someone who can make learning english in the class can be fun! I don’t want to compare another English teacher on my high school era, but seriously, in the midst of stressful classes and my circumstances at that time, she’s kinda oasis for me. Quite silly, huh? She may strict on the class but she would help us willingly (ofc it’s related to English). Even one of my-quite-antics-and-rebel-senior agreed that she can make us understanding the concept of English language.

Still talking about my English teacher. She was one of my blog/facebook notes and also someone who always support me to write. (Btw: idk for now but around 10 years ago we can linked our blog content into facebook notes). Recently, I followed her instagram and see some of her instagram posts. Even on this pandemic she still active to improve and share some of her works that related to teaching. I felt ashamed to myself, I may younger and quite familiar with technology thingy but never able to maximize the tech itself, while She is able to maximize it. I like her way to let us do some critical thinking in the class so we can expressing our emotion and feeling when learning with her. How I want to be someone like that (regarding teaching okay). 🥺

I know one of my strength is capable to speak with others quite easily (only for the first time) (sometimes I can make people tell their circumstances unconsciously 😂) but I still didn’t have any confidence if it’s related to teaching way. Actually I still seeking for the right path how to became a great learner and educator.

This won’t be long since I using English again recently. Seriously, my second language is not English anymore 🥲


One thought on “Talking About Role Model…

  1. If it related in teaching way, to nya diganti in aja kak karena habis to kesananya harus V1. Yang aku tau sih begitu. I’m so proud of you that you are brave for practicing English.

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